Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Navajo County Fair

Navajo County Fair.  Preparation for the fair was the pits!  My printer was acting up and did not produce great photos.  Dad suggested that a photo printer may be worth the cost.  So I hopped right to it and explored the internet to find the best--at a price I figured I could afford. Then searched a better price.  Well, I got on on ebay with the original sales ticket.  I was in heaven.  By the time it was to arrive I would have about 1 1/2 weeks to try it out before the fair....Well--UPS Stores do not think a Joseph City address exists and I had to fight to get the gal to send it to me....they deliver to us 2-5 times a week!  So it finally arrived and didn't work.  The tech guy was great--he sent me a new part...out of the kindness of the company--since the original reciept did not valudate warranty--it was a gift. I realized my chances that the part would fix the printer and on time was about zip.  So, since I was going to Flagstaff, I took my thumb drive to Sam's Club, with part of my photos.  It as a chance, but what the least I was trying.  The machines were not working--except the expensive print it now machine...but the guy said he would print them at the hour photo price.  They turned out pretty good. The part came fedx---over the LaborDay weekend---so it finally arrived...AFTER I was on Main Street on my way to enter my fair projects.  PITS!   No I did not go back...what if it didn't work....I could not handle it.  So I just waited until the next day to try worked...great, for next year!

Anyway, I did not have all the photos I wanted, but better than none. I entered and here are some of the results:  The b&w was Best of Class (Horses from ranch that Andrew is involved in...Doug's horses).   It is Rick & Jami's year for pics.  Samantha & other grandkids get next year.  I only get to enter 1 each catagory  per year.   More pictures to come...gotta go for now.