Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A few memories from the Varney side!

Round Up 09 picture!
Brandson 08
Uncle Warren being studious.
Uncle Larry...trying to get on the plane.
Virgil going for a ride.

8 boys trying Island dancing.

Grandma V's 80th

Looks better with sound.

Grandpa Varney always thought two heads were better than one...??????

A few memories from the Bushman side!

Grandma B's 80th Birthday cake!
From her journals.

Putting vinyl on her house.

Ages ago...Jim is the baby.

At Rock Art Ranch

Branding... Guess who is there

That's Grandpa in the field.
Don't shoot, I'll marry ya! Grandpa B

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby F 20

Brandon delivered...the replacement F 20 we bought from Show Low. He had a hard time givin' her up. But we will take good care of her.
Virgil cranked it up...

Ready to be unloaded...

Thanks, Brandon & little boys...

tucked into for the night.