Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good night!, Happy Halloween!!!

some more JC&J wedding pics

The Joseph City Skit

At Joseph City...being boys!

And Julie still took on the family!

after the California skit

My Wonderful Grandkids...on my wall!

Oklahoma Missionary

Oklahoma sunsets. Larry sent to me in June.

Contacts takes a new level.

Larry will be flying in to Phoenix December 11th, Justin will be home on the 8th. He is busy and happy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Varney RoundUp 09

Saddle up, it's comin'!! Mark your calendars...bring the kids...visit your Varney cousins...and their kids.

The Varney Round-Up 09 (For the Mike & Marilyn Varney Clan)

at Mormon Lake Lodge outside of Flagstaff, AZ.
July 15-17th 2009

Activities and contests and RoundUp fun for all day Thursday!!!!!
Meals will be provided ALL day Thursday and Friday breakfast.
Reservations are make for all 13 grandsons and familes! (Wish Tara could come.)

Dora's roses

From Dora's rosebeds...right after the rain.

Monday, October 20, 2008

24 hour windstorm


October 11, 2008. Saturday's 24 hour wind storm with up to 80 mph winds.

The before and after clean up in the corner of the front yard...which is still 3" deeper than before.

Where did my flowerbed and walk pavers go?

There they are...semi cleaned out.

pre storm:

after the storm:

Vaccumed out: