Monday, August 25, 2008

the night before...

JC & Julie's Wedding

JC sang & played for Julie, much to her suprise! Just out of the Newport Beach Temple.
The wedding cake.

Friday, August 1, 2008

not everything works all the time!!!!!!!

Somewhere in the far reaches of this computer is the pictures I took of Rick & Jami's kids on the 4th of July weekend. So here are some of my favorite SAVED Pictures from the past.

I tried to copy pictures of Rick and Jami's family that I took the 4th of July weekend and lost all of them! Awwwkkkkk! At least I can copy cute pictures from their blog!

Tractors, tractors, tractors...

Steven is the president of the Flagstaff tractor club...and did a great job at the Beat the Heat Tractor Show.
Virgil, in the parade. A little reflecting is great.
Oh, they had the funest skillet throw for the women.
Becca was great! The only throw that beat her distance was when the skillet rolled a few times.
Andrew succeeding with the backup of a trailer.
So, it looks like we will be going another time. There were 50+ tractors to see (I sent the 100 pics to Steven...didn't think you'd like them all here) and lots of other stuff to look at.
I am having great fun with Uncle Larry's "old" camera!